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Our Commercial Services

We are a full service electrical contractor with vast experience in commercial construction and renovation of many different types of buildings.


Main building electrical services

Fire alarm systems

Preventative maintenance of electrical services

Telephone and data cabling

Repair of site lighting




Installing Sheetrock 

Pressure Washing 

Detail Cleaning 

Lighting, switches, outlets installations

Electrical panel upgrades

Landscaping lighting and wiring

General repairs

 Carpet Cleaning 

Window Cleaning 

It's Not Clean Unless We Clean It!



Hamilton's Cleanings Help

Maintain Employee Health

  • Office spaces are notorious for spreading germs and bacteria due to how many people come and go from a business.
  • Germs and bacteria can be spread around common office objects – everything from doorknobs to fridge handles to coffee pots to phone receivers.
  • Even spaces that don’t look visibly dirty can harbor and spread germs and bacteria if not cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

Hamilton's Cleanings Create

A Great First Impression

  • Impress your clients by showcasing a top-notch office through-out, but especially in areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, and bathrooms, cleaned by professionals.​
  • By having such a clean and neat business to impress your clients, you will help to make them feel more welcome and comfortable while doing business with you and trusting in your products and services.

Flexible Scheduling

Daily Weekly

Monthly Annually

Day & Evening Shifts

Holidays & Weekends

Hamilton's Cleanings Increase Productivity Levels

  • Did you know that numerous studies have concluded that a cleaner workplace leads to happier, more productive workers?
  • If you want your employees working at their best, help them create the cleanest workplace for them. After all, cluttered workspaces make for cluttered minds.
  • It’s time to leave the cleaning up to the professionals and spend more time working on what matters most.

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